Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Update: Narration recorded

Welcome to all newcomers!

Just letting you folks know that the narration for the next video is recorded and ready to go, clocking in at just under ten minutes long. Work on the video itself may finally commence!



  1. Hey man, Just want to say I really like your videos and hope you keep it up!

    I tried to review/talk about games at one point, but got over it pretty quickly, so now I just leave the failed reviews on my blog page.

    Hope your next video is as good as the previous ones =P

  2. Wohoo! A blog! Wait, what? Oh, yes, everyone has one nowadays -.- Nevertheless, I must say I like your style of reinventing Zero Punctuation's *ahem* style, and that I think your lectures are way better.

    Moreover, I must say that your video about games and storytelling was kind of a base to me on my college work about "Ludology and Narratolgy on Videogames". Hope you don't mind me reffering that particular video of yours (i'm sure you don't, since I put the link in the webgraphie and all that).

    'nough said, I'm waiting pretty ansiously for the next movie. So much that everytime I see an announcemente video, I quickly jump to conclusions about a new lecture, which are crushed the second I see "announcement". I would reeeeaaally like to see another one.

    Keep the good job, though.

  3. Narration is always the trickiest part. The rest is just time-consuming.