Saturday, September 18, 2010

Interview with Caboos15

I seem to have had quite a little wave of interviews recently. Most recently with Caboos15 on youtube.

You can find the interview here:

Kind of funny how I seem to talk faster with my regular voice ... Try and figure that out.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

To NO ONE's Surprise, PAX Was Awesome

Got to hang out with James, meet Spoony, Bill Amend and Jonathan Coulton, got to hit all the concerts. I can't believe this is the first time I made the trip. If you haven't gone yet, I can't recommend it enough. You know in your head that you left your house to come here, and yet showing to PAX makes you feel like you are finally home.

While there, I also had a quick joint interview with James, conducted by Dylan of Giant Fire Breathing Robot. I think it went quite well, especially considering how tired our voices were from hosting eight panels (James) and cheering at concerts (me). Check it out!

Enjoying Extra Credits so far?