Friday, December 18, 2009

The Game Overthinker

How is it that I only discovered this guy recently?

Seriously, our videos are so similar in style and subject matter that it's amazing I stumbled on his series literally weeks ago. And I know he didn't get the idea from me because he's been around longer. Crazy.

Anyway, the reason I bring him up is for those of you who haven't seen him yet either. I highly encourage checking his videos out. I don't always agree with his take on every topic, but he always puts together a strong argument and manages to keep a pretty objective viewpoint (despite his admitted Nintendo fandom). Like my own series, the main point is to get people thinking and talking, and his videos definitely succeed in that regard.

Another reason I'm recommending him here is because ... well, I know my own release schedule is atrociously slow. But now you know of another guy who does similar videos that you can enjoy while you wait. Go ahead and check him out. I won't hold it against ya.

In other news, I just made it through two of the busiest months I can remember ever having. Now I've got a nice long holiday break, during which I plan to get started on the next episode. Yay!


  1. Hey, Daniel. It's me, DBAce9Aura. I remember emailing you in regards to the Game Overthinker. Just wanted to say "Hi" to you directly without email.

  2. Will give him a check. It's funny, seems like much people got alot of work in the last couple of months, anyway, looking forward to your next video =).

  3. I checked out the Game Overthinker and discovered something... he's non-other than Movie Bob from The Escapist Magazine! I watch his movie reviews all the time, and he's very very good. If you are ever debating seeing a film or not, check out his reviews at

    I certainly enjoy them!

    Anyways, til next time!

  4. "I don't always agree with his take on every topic"

    Hm, maybe you should contact him and get a discourse going. Video replies debating different matters could be a future direction to take Video Games And in.

  5. Checked out a little bit of the Game Overthinker, and I believe I like your videos better. I really appreciate the fact that you are inoffensive-- I don't mean content-wise (although the f-bomb does get tiresome after a while), I mean you don't seem to display hostility toward any particular group. It's so, so, so refreshing to hear someone talk about the gaming industry without bashing the casual market, or Halo fans, or whatever the acceptable-target-of-the-day may be. And you're generally less... I dunno, hardcore about everything? Which I like. I like mellow.

  6. Sir, you should check out Antonny "Revered" Burch. Just look for Rev Ant on Youtube, speccially his "Fun isn't enough" video (can't copy the link).

  7. I remember sending you info about him via your YouTube account, wondering if you've heard of him...

    Or rather, I think I just commented in your video's comments section that you're style is more similar to his than Yahtzee's style.

    So, yeah, glad to see you approve of him.

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